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When it’s rainin’ cats and dogs and water is dripping down on your face, but you’re inside your house… well our roofers think that’s an absolute disgrace.

If that’s happening, just stop reading and call us. Now. Seriously. You need help. You need us. The best roofing contractors in Florence SC today.

However, if it’s not such a pressing problem, read on to see why Floyd’s Roofing of Florence is the local company you want to call, Partner.

Repairin’ and replacin’ roofs all over South Carolina, we’ve seen it all.

Asphalt and composite shingles, slate, cedar shake, standing seam metal, foam ones, flat ones…

Cracks, leaks, storm damage, holes, missing shingles, decomposing underlayment, your kid’s wind-kicked kite from ten years ago…

If we know one thing–it’s that you don’t want old Rusty the “Roof Guru” from down the street to be the one in charge of inspecting your rooftop– and much less, getting up on his rickety ol’ ladder to do it.

We’ve installed more roofs than you can imagine.

Slappin’ ’em down like pancakes on a Saturday mornin’.

At this point, we could do it blindfolded – but we won’t. We promise.

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Have one of those charming, older historic homes with special requirements? No problemo, Pal.

We’re able to color and style match whatever material you need or prefer.

They don’t call us the raddest roofing in Florence, SC company around for nothing.

Whether you only need to replace a few damaged shingles, or you’re in the market for a complete replacement and you need it done right, at an affordable price — give us a ring today, and let’s talk.

Chances are we can take care of just about anything you throw at us.

If you’re a GC looking for the best crew in Florence, South Carolina to put the cherry on top of that new house you built– good news, is you’ve found the right guys to deal with. We’re proud of our reputation and we plan to keep it that way.

Years of experience around the area have taught us a multitude of lessons. From Quinby to Woodland Park, or across town to Whitehall, we bring time-tested experience to your home.

So let us lay down the underlayment, secure the fascia boards and drip edge, and tack down shingles or metal roofing to give you that great curb appeal all while you and your family stay dry.

About every two years, you should be looking to have an inspection done. It’s a small investment that can save you thousands over time, and help you get the most life and functionality possible. Sadly, many homeowners forego this crucial step. Maintaining and even replacing the top of your house doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

If you’re as serious as we are, we’ll come out and provide you with a professional and affordable inspection. One where you can count on us to be as honest and transparent with you as possible. A complete overview of its condition, estimated remaining durability, and any problem areas we find.

Maybe it’s only a few shingles that need to be replaced. Perhaps, you need a new roof. There’s also the possibility that everything looks just fine and dandy.

​Whatever the truth of the matter is, you can count on us to tell you just that.

Check out all of our services. You may find some things you never thought needed attention before.

Fascia repair and replacement is one such example. If your wooden eaves have dry rot, or they’re damaged from years of water and severe weather that was never supposed to be allowed to soak in, we can remove the old and install the new, easily.

We know that these problems can feel like major issues.

​Our hope is that you’ll call us. Talk to the best roofer in town. Confide in us.

Let us ease your concerns and earn your trust as we prove to you that we are the absolute top choice when you need a local roofing contractor here in Florence, SC. We’re the ones you want on the job – regardless of material or the challenge that it poses.

Call us today to see why we are the go-to roofing service whether you have a home, office, warehouse, storage building, circus tent (ok- we can’t do those), or any other structure that has a covering.

If you’ve got an issue right now, please don’t wait any longer. Small problems can become big ones. We’ve seen it on multiple occasions.

Years in Business

Completed Projects

You don’t want a sloppy, late, indifferent roofing company… It’s much nicer when the business you deal with is honest, and values integrity above the almighty dollar. We’ve always believed that a thriving, respected local establishment is the by-product of carrying our values with us wherever we go– honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic.

Don’t forget, our #1 priority, is YOU.

Look at the photos of our work. If you look closely, you’ll see the attention to detail that we put into each and every bit of the finished repair or new installation.

brown shingles on house roof
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clean, black shingle roof

We’ll tell you right here, as well as on the phone, as well as face-to-face: we will always be honest with you when it comes to what we truly think you do or do not need in your roofing needs. It’s a big investment, and it’s something you want to last for a good, long time. We’ll never try to up-sell you or convince you that you need something that you really don’t.

Our great reviews and stellar reputation around town say it all. Ask anyone about Floyd’s, and they’ll tell you the kind of people we are, first and foremost. Our crew is part of the Florence, SC community. Our kids go to school with your kids, and we take our role in developing good people very, very seriously.

Shootin’ straight is second nature to us. You’ll always know you’re getting fair and honest work out of us.

Call us and let’s schedule a free estimate:

Leaking Roof?

leaking roof repair

Nothing worse than water damage from rain when it could have been prevented.

We’re assuming you’re here to get your leaky roof fixed.

Choose a roof leak repair company in Florence that goes the extra mile to keep you dry and happy.

A professional and proper roofing inspection can include findings that aren’t easy to spot — sometimes an old and weathered caulk line can give way to water seeping in and causing leaks.

We really hope that you don’t have a leak so long-standing, that it requires complete renewal of shingles or other materials.

Replace versus repair, you have to make the right choice for you – and we’ll help you get there fairly.

Let us do what we can to keep the prices and costs reasonable, as we understand the financial burden it can place on you when you need your major component of shelter taken care of.

Shabby Shingles?

Damaged Asphalt Shingles

Weathered shingles are many times the start of a bigger cause for concern. That’s right buddy– a complete re-roof.

Shelling out several thousand bucks to put a new top the house… We know that wasn’t on your To Do list this season.

Let Floyd’s be your roof repair company, and replace your shingles with brand new material.

It all starts with a good and through check-over of the underlayment. If it’s in solid condition, we can leave it down and just go over that.

If it’s showing signs of deterioration and brittleness, we’ll replace that straight away. Next, we may use 3-tab asphalt or composite shingles to bring your roofing durability and weatherproof rating back up.

No matter what your structure is currently made of, or what you dream it to be– contact us.

We can color and style match almost anything.

We’ll get you taken care of.

Ready to Re-Roof?

Roof Replacement

Compete roof replacement is no walk in the park.

It requires a professional crew that works flawlessly together. They also must be sure to properly install and double-check all drip edge flashing, radiant barrier, eave protection, and more — to be sure that your roof maintains as many years of it’s life as possible in good condition.

It really does require a careful eye over the years to avoid having to fix problems at more frequent than expected intervals.

Re-roofing can be an aesthetic compliment to your home.

If curb appeal is important to you — perhaps you’re looking to sell the home in the near future — nothing says “Sold!” like a beautiful home with a modern, durable, and aesthetic appeal for aspiring new homeowners around Florence area.

The removal of your old one, is a job in itself.

​Call us today to discuss your project.

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Here are a few of the most frequent questions we get regarding our roof remodeling, renovation, removal, restoration, retiling, reshingle, and rebuilding services:

What all do y'all fellas do?

You know what you should ask– what can’t we do? Most homeowners in Florence, or those with commercial buildings, get in touch with us when they need roof: consultations, inspections, repair, ideas, estimates, replacement, consultations, installation, removal, restoration, resurfacing, recovering, redesign, ventilation, tiles, shingles, drains, underlayment, fascia repair and replacement, foam, metal, eave replacement, vent boots, windows, skylights, and more… and to get prices, costs, and quotes for these roofing services.

What areas of town do you serve?

We like to stick around Florence, SC County for the most part — so we serve the following Florence SC neighborhoods: Ashwood Estates, Woodmont, Wren Creek, Cypress Point, Williams Heights, Wilson Estates, and Wilson Heights.

In addition, we will travel out to Timmonsville, Winona, Effingham, Coward, Scranton, Lake City, Pamplico, Hannah, Salem, Prospect Crossroads, Johnsonville, Olanta, and Sardis. Just call us and tell us where you are and what you have going on. Many roofing issues can be narrowed down with some clear, concise conversation over the phone that addresses the important problems.

What materials can we choose from?

Because our roofing experience is so vast, we have good relationships with material providers around the state. That means material selection at it’s finest. Asphalt shingles are a staple on southern homes, and we can usually match anything you have currently. We also provide metal, slate, foam, cold asphalt and modified bitumen.

Okay, Okay. What's this gonna cost me?

The price you pay to have us service your residential or commercial property can vary quite a bit, depending whether you need a complete re-roofing, compared to repairs performed on a certain area. No matter what– we are honest with you up front. Always. We do our best to give you a great quote for the service you’re requiring. We’ll never tell you that you need a new one when you can get ten plus years more by simply fixing the damaged areas. Our main goal is to give an honest assessment of the top of your house and what we find– and let you decide, on your terms. There is no investment like your house, and the crew here at Floyd’s Roofing of Florence hopes to help you protect yours.

With our free estimates, you can relax and know that you’ll get pros with decades of experience, knowledge, and all the color samples you can ask for to help you tackle the job. Give us a call today at 843-896-2570 to request and schedule a free estimate. We’ll be clear, honest and upfront about price, and we’ll give you our expert advice on what we know your home truly needs.

Any Guarantee or Warranty?

We do, but it’s on a job by job basis. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s up there, and what problems we might face, until we put up a ladder and climb to take a real look. After a total evaluation, we’ll provide you with an itemized estimate, breaking down all costs, and then it’s possible we may be able to offer a warranty or guarantee, depending on the type of roofing work you require, and the service necessary.

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If you’re saying, “I’m sold, I love you guys, let’s get started,” then just dial our number already. Let’s get you a free estimate.

Give us a ring at (843) 896-2570. If it’s late and you’d rather shoot us a contact form scroll down or back up to find one and fill it out. We’ll get back with ya as soon as we can.

We appreciate your time, and value your business.

Choose to work with Floyd’s Roofing of Florence, and be glad that you hired the best roofers in Florence, SC around.